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Have some questions about our services?
Here are some frequently asked questions we receive...

Q. What is included in your price for residential window cleaning?

A. Our prices include the cleaning of the inside, outside, screens and sills of all windows and doors in your home.

Q. Do you have the equipment to reach/clean high windows?

A. Yes, we have not come across a window we could not reach/clean.

Q. Doesn’t rain make my windows dirty?

A. Dirt makes your windows dirty, not rain. Rain passing through a dirty window screen will deposit more dirt on your windows. Rain drops simply move the dirt around on your windows. After the rain dries, the dirt remains on the glass. The dirt is now more visible because it has been spread over the window. Clean windows will remain clean even after a rain.

Q. Can I have my windows cleaned in the winter?

A. Window cleaning is all the more important in the winter season. Road salt poured onto the streets gets turned into an airborne powder from vehicles driving over it. The airborne dust settles on your window surfaces.

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